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What is USP?

About USP

USP is a simple, aggressive and effective system of self protection. Watch a short trailer here.

USP came about as a hybrid of several systems and martial arts all of which had something to offer.

These systems/knowledge bases included:

However, the system is not just a bunch of techniques thrown together.

The focus for any self protection system must be principles. This is because no two attacks are ever the same, no two people are ever the same and even the same person faced with a particular threat, may respond differently on different days.

As such the following principles were used to create USP:

  • Techniques should be movements based on natural instincts
  • One defence must work against a variety of attacks where possible
  • Techniques must be accessible to the average person
  • Techniques must work under, or even be improved by, stress. Stress should trigger the technique automatically

The techniques and principles from the systems and knowledge bases were considered and re-worked in a measured way in conjunction with 23 years experience of real life violence and training by the founder alongside considerable help from his students and other highly experienced friends and colleagues.

These people include:

  • Peter Consterdine - British Combat Association
  • Dave Stevens - Continental Instructor Team Europe, International Krav Maga Federation
  • Paul Grey - Head of the British Krav Maga Association
  • Dan Stevens - USP Instructor
  • Pete Miller - USP Instructor
  • Ed Broom - USP Instructor
  • David Stroud - USP Instructor
  • Julian Whitehead - USP Blackbelt
  • Kevin Brooks - USP Blackbelt
  • Rob Mason - USP Blackbelt
  • Daniel Hildrew - USP Blackbelt
  • Stuart Winter - USP Blackbelt
  • Lawrence Tydd - USP Blackbelt
  • Chris Small - USP Student

USP is constantly developing and adapting to new threats as they arise to make sure that it is always fit for purpose.

Watch a short trailer here.

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