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Instructor Training Programme

USP is a relatively new system, although it has been in development for many years, holding it's roots in Krav Maga, MMA, and Reality Based Personal Protection. USP was founded and developed by John Bowman with 24 years experience of real life violence and 24 years of self-defence, martial arts, close protection and counter terrorism training.

As such YOU will be one of the FIRST people to qualify as an Instructor in this REALISTIC, EFFECTIVE AND STREET PROVEN system, giving you something new, exclusive, exciting and up to date.

This is NOT a watered down Military system or a traditional system with the flowery bits taken out, but something designed from the ground up specifically for average people to learn effective self-protection for the modern world.

This means we train for multiple attackers, verbal abuse, stalking, common street grabs and attacks, defence against MMA fighters (they are not our enemy, but many attackers have this type of training these days!), dog attacks, weapon attacks, use of improvised weapons and higher risk attacks including active shooters and suicide bombers.

We train in normal clothes, in real life environments and as realistically as we can, but with emphasis on good quality training using simple to complex learning in friendly and rich learning environments.

We encourage delegates to question our methods, challenge our Instructors and offer their own ideas. You will be involved in the continuous development of the system. You will be encouraged to adapt our methods to suit you and your students, but not before being given a solid foundation in realistic self-protection to work with.

There are very limited spaces on this course - maximum of 6 people to ensure the best Instructor/attendee ratio.


  • USP experience required OR at least 1 year in one of the following:
(i)  Another reality based system (e.g. Krav Maga, Urban Combatives)
(ii)  An aggressive fighting style (e.g. Muay Thai, MMA)
(iii)  Law enforcement/Military/Security.
  • No criminal record - minor infringements can be considered on case by case basis but MUST be disclosed before applying. Contact us for discussion.
  • Aged 18years +
  • Reasonable level of fitness (various injuries, conditions and disabilities may be able to be catered for but MUST be disclosed before applying. Contact us for discussion).
  • Attending a class or provide footage of you training/121 Zoom session to assess your capability.
  • Desire to teach USP regularly
  • No ego
  • You must have read 'The Complete Guide to Urban Self Protection' Volumes 1 & 2 prior to starting your training. These can be purchased here.

Email us if you are not sure you have the right pre-requisites.


Modular Instructor Training and assessment allows you time to absorb and consolidate your technical training in a simple to complex manner, giving you the greatest chance of success and the best possible foundation:

Part 1 Technical Training
(5 days 8am-6pm with a break for lunch)
You will start by attending 5 days training covering Level 1-6 technical training. You then have approximately one month before Part 2 to consolidate your training at home. You will have access to your Instructor after Part 1 via email should any queries arise.

Part 2 Grading and 'How to Teach' Training
(2 days 10am-4pm with short break for lunch)
You will start with a technical assessment of Part 1. You will then be trained how to teach, coach and start your own club with continuous assessments and feedback throughout the training.

  • You must pass the technical assessment and perform successfully during the 'How to Teach' phase of your training to qualify as a USP Instructor.
  • If you fail any technical elements, you will be offered the chance to re-sit these during the following months
  • If you are not deemed suitable to teach during the 'How to Teach' phase, you will be offered personalised feedback and the opportunity to re-take Part 2 of your training for free on the next Instructor course.

None planned at this time due to Covid restrictions.

Ashburton, Devon


What does my course fee include?

Your course fee includes:

7 days of training in a small group environment
Your first years teaching certificate
Lesson plans
A bank of training drills
Marketing material including images and logos and YouTube channel
Instructors only forum
Access to the founder of USP for support and technical questions

What will I be able to offer as an Instructor?

Once you become an Instructor, you will be qualified to teach regular group classes, personal tuition and seminars. You will be able to offer your students access to regular assessments and to training materials and apparel, enabling you to provide a good quality and professionally run club for your students.

How can I develop after the course?

You will have access to regular seminars and annual Instructor Only CPD training as well as support and materials to enable you to train at home / with other Instructors / your own students.

Will I have to pay an annual / monthly fee to be allowed to teach USP?


The ONLY OBLIGATION you have is to attend a minimum of 1 Instructor Update session per year to maintain your skill level and qualification and these sessions are very reasonably priced.

What happens after I have qualified?

After you have successfully qualified and provided you stay qualified, you will thereafter be supported with marketing advice, technical queries, regular CPD, assessments for your students, assistance in lesson planning and club set up.

What happens if I fail an assessment?

Assessments are important - not only to make sure we turn out good quality Instructors, but to give you credibility and confidence in your own skill. They also give you an early indication of what you need to work on to develop yourself fully.

Should you fail your Technical assessments at the beginning of Parts 2 and 3, you will be allowed to complete the rest of your training, but not be licenced to teach until you have achieved the required standard. There are regular re-assessments throughout the year at a cost of £25.

Should you fail to meet the standard for your 'How to Teach' section of training, you will be allowed to re-attend the next available Part 3 free of charge (only one free re-attendance is available per delegate).

How can you train an Instructor in ONLY 72 hours when it takes years to be a Black Belt?

USP is a self-protection system, NOT a Martial Art and it is designed to be passed on quickly and effectively, having no superfluous technique to learn. It's also based on principles, so you don't need to learn lots of variations.

Law Enforcement and Military communities train Instructors in similar periods of time and their students have to rely on their training to survive.

We require relevant experience as a pre-requisite in order to have a good foundation in combatives.

However, we also recognise that you want to achieve a very high standard in your training.

Therefore, to reduce attendance time, you will be able to use the USP training manuals which have each and every technique described in detail, to facilitate training at home for the weeks between each part of the course. You will already have learnt the techniques to a good standard whilst attending the Technical Training but this method allows you to consolidate techniques before assessments, giving you a firm foundation in USP.

Do I have to be super-fit?


You will have to be able to complete the training, some of which can be physically demanding BUT this is a self-defence course, not a fitness class or a fighter's gym. Your training will NOT be padded out with useless drills to make you think you've got your money's worth.

I have already trained in USP - do I have to do the whole course?


This is because knowing the technique is one thing, but knowing how and why the technique should be taught is only achieved by attending the course.

However, those students who are already qualified to Level 3 or above, will receive a £200 discount - paying just £450. Speak to your Instructor for details.

What is USP?

Our website has a wealth of information about USP, but should you require more, don't hesitate to contact us.
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