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Group Classes


Classes are held in Kingsteignton, Devon. Training in a USP group class will be an enjoyable experience – you will not be forced to do anything you do not want to and we do not accept students who are dangerous or have an ego problem.



1900hrs- 2030hrs


Broadway Road, Kingsteignton,
TQ12 3EH

(Just around the corner from the Tesco Express/fountain)

There is some parking at the venue, alternatively, there is a car park (free after 6pm) just around the corner.


A typical USP class starts off with a light warm up to free the joints, then cardio vascular exercises are carried out for a few minutes – you do not have to be super-fit as these exercises will be adapted to suit you but be challenging enough to help you progress.

Part 1 of the class, is training in self-defence methods, which may be defences against bearhugs, knife point robbery, dealing with multiple attackers and even defence against firearms.

Part 2 is pad work - punching, kicking, kneeing and elbowing soft pads to improve striking skill, power and to release your aggression and stress!

Part 3 is 'stress inoculation' training and involves some form of sparring, be it on the ground or standing up, or we might carry out some scenrario training or pressure testing drills.

This third part of the class involves heavier contact and more intense training. We understand this isn't everyone's cup of tea and not everyone can go to work the next day covered in bruises! Therefore, this type of training is usually kept until last, to allow you to give it a miss and leave early if you wish.

Watch a video of one of our classes here.



First Class:

Second Class:   

Membership fee of £60 to be paid which includes your first 5 classes, club t-shirt and a years worth of insurance.

After Your First 5 Classes:   Your payment options are.....

  • 5 Class Pass: £40 = £8 per class
  • 10 Class Pass: £70 = £7 per class

The Class Pass has a 12 month expiry and simply gets checked off by your Instructor each time you train.

Class Passes allow you to train when and where it's convenient - if you miss a class, you don't lose out as you would if you were paying a monthly fee.
by block buying your training sessions in advance.


A grading system has been put in place, to assist students who need motivation and to offer feedback to students who would like it. It is completely optional.

Gradings are marked on – Technique, Effectiveness and Aggression. Students will need to achieve a 70% pass rate in each of these areas to make sure we do not just have technically proficient students who can do the correct movement, but would be completely ineffective in reality. There is also a short written exam for theory based subjects.

To grade in higher levels, 3 random techniques from all previous grades passed must also be marked to ensure that the student is maintaining the basics and not simply forgetting them for newer and more advanced techniques.

Those who pass the grading receive a certificate and a coloured silicone wrist band denoting their level - this is our modern day version of 'Karate belts'.


It couldn’t be easier. Just telephone or text 07793 891 533 to book your first FREE GROUP TRAINING SESSION (new students only)

You will need to wear something comfortable that you don't mind risking damaging and some clean trainers or similar. You will be encouraged to wear restrictive street clothing when you have been training for a while as this makes for more realistic training.

All you will need is a bottle of water and the urge to learn realistic self-defence!

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