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URBAN SELF PROTECTION (USP) based in Newton Abbot, Devon, is a realistic self protection system devised by John Bowman, with  23 years experience of dealing with real life violence.

USP is ratified by the British Combat Association and offers a hybrid of some of the world's most credible defensive tactics and fighting systems, including;

Many ‘reality based’ systems are just watered down versions of military combat methods and are unsuitable for law abiding citizens. Others are simply traditional martial arts which have only been stripped of superfluous technique.

USP, however, has been designed from the ground up, to allow an average person to learn effective self protection skills in a short period of time.

USP has looked at the types of threats, attacks and associated dangers you are likely to face and developed techniques and tactics to combat them simply, effectively and within the boundaries of the law.
You will, for example, be taught:

  • Verbal diffusion
  • How to protect friends and family
  • First aid
  • How to make fear work to your advantage
  • The law surrounding self-defence
  • Escapes from chokes and holds
  • Awareness and avoidance
  • How to make yourself, your car and your house a ‘hard target’
  • How to use everyday objects as defensive weapons
  • Fighting skills standing up and on the ground
  • Weapon defence
  • Surviving a terrorist attack
  • And even defence against dog attacks

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